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derby over 40 apparrel

Derby Over 40 USA

Derby Over 40-USA

 "What's worse than an injury is believing you are too old to be amazing" The Hot Flash

MisBeHaven Maven

MisBehaven Maven #10-31 Jersey Shore Roller Derby Toms River / Jackson, NJ USA Photo: Sean Childs Photographer

Nemesis 5
Ida Decker #609

Ida Decker #609 Greensboro Roller Derby Greensboro, N.C. PHOTO: Joe Rone

The Jessicutioner #8

The Jessicutioner #8 Monadock Roller Derby Antrim NH Photo: Paul Erhardt

Rockin Robyn #007

Rockin Robyn #007 Central Coast Roller Derby Paso Robles, CA Photo: Michael Kinney Photography

Twitch Blade

Twitch Blade #999 Terrorz Roller Derby, Columbus Indiana Photo: Greg Dunn


Trouble #36 Penn Jersey Roller Derby Philadelphia, PA Photo: Steve Messerer

Chachi Patron

Chachi Patron #8 Casa Grande rollerderby/AZRD Casa Grande, Arizona Photo: Ben Andrews Two Steps Ahead photography


Gypsy Danger #77 Long Island Roller Rebels Bethpage, NY, USA Photo: Brute Skater Ginsburg


Pepper #57 North County Derby Alliance & Wine Town Rollers Carlsbad, CA & Temecula, CA Photographer: Michael Wise II


Renegade #005 Smoky Mountain Rollergirls Bryson City, NC USA Photo: Harlequin Photography

Ragin Geisha

Ragin' Geisha, #183, South Central Roller Girls Ada, Oklahoma. Photo: Brecka Rae, Pink Buffalo

Nemesis #5

Nemesis #5 Blue Streaks Pittsburgh East Roller Villians Pittsburgh, PA Photo: Auntie Razzi

Allisonic Boom

Allisonic Boom #359 Confluence Crush Roller Derby Belleville Illinois USA Photo: Lynn Terry


Nassty #951 Rough Diamond rebels Riverside Ca Photo: TBA

Zen Adharma

Zen’s Adharma #670 Résurrection Roller Girls Santa Rosa, Ca PHOTO: Michael Baker


Columbia Quad Squad Columbia South Carolina USA

Melicious Intent
Leather Havoc

Leather Havoc #429 Atomic Rollergirls Las Vegas Navada USA Photo: Noel Truick Photography

Moxie Roxxtar

Moxie Roxxtar #3 Vindicated Vixens Markham, IL United States PHOTO: selfie!


Heavymental #5150 Ladies Death and Destruction Society Oneida, NY, USA Photo: Baby got snap

Leia So Lo #2187

Leia So Low #2187 Chemical City Derby Girls Midland, MI USA Photo: David Lewis

Hips #69

Florida Keys Roller Derby Florida Keys/Big Pine Key Photo: Amy Tripp Designs

Mickey Phoenix

Mickey Phoenix MRDA Chicago Bruise Brothers and Muliti Rule Set Co-Ed Team Chicago IL USA MidwestAllStars.

Mickey Phoenix

Mickey Phoenix MRDA Chicago Bruise Brothers and Muliti Rule Set Co-Ed Team Chicago IL USA MidwestAllStars.

Bruisecille Brawl #327

Bruisecille Brawl #327 Portneuf Valley Bruisers Pocatello, ID, USA PHOTO: Brooke Lynn Colling One Who Hopes Photography

Blazen Booty #22

Minnesota Southbound Rollers Austin, Minnesota, USA Photo: Ariel Bracken Imagery

Me' B"Hayven

Me B'Hayven #51 Atomic Bombshells Minnesota RollerGirls recruiting manager Photo: Ryan Siverson Photography

Hellon Skates #14

Hellon Skates #14 Dub City Roller Derby Lake Worth, Florida Photo by Keith Ridge

Traitor Jo #67

Charm City Rollergirls Baltimore MD USA Photo Taylor Shaw

Deviled Meg #1701

Jet City Roller Girls Everett, WA Photo: Danny Ngan Photography

Kandi Kane #1225.jpg

Oklahoma City Roller Derby Oklahoma City OK Photo: Zak Byrne - Hey Man Nice Shots

JumponJen #555

Sis q rollerz medford OR USA Photo: Greg badger photography

Skid Vicious #V8

Shanghaied Roller Derby Astoria, OR USA Photo Chris Springer

Twisted Sybil #999

El Paso Roller Derby El Paso, TX. USA Photo: DerbyRazzi or Louie Alfaro Photography

Itsa Mazin
Haute Flash #99

Desert Dolls Roller Derby Phoenix, AZ Photo: PaPa Rottsy (John Panas)

Guilty MacKilty

Top Cat. "TC" #826 Retired DRD (Denver Roller Dolls/Derby) Founder Detour Derby Photo: Mark V Bloom

Slipknot #8

Fayetteville Roller Derby Home Team: Ritzy Rollers Fayetteville NC Photo: Joe Rone

InHumake Elaine #213

Atomic City Roller Girls Kennewick, WA Photo: Scott Butler

Pistol Packin' Mama #46

Beach Cities Roller Derby (Official) December 2016 Age 53 Torrance CA Photo: Alicia Orozco

Soul Sucka' #713

Soul Sucka' #713 301 Derby Dames La Plata, MD Photo: Benjamin Tuck

Zippy Totec #20

SKATE of Jefferson Eureka CA Photo: Steve Yap Photography

Jumponjen #555

Sister q roller Medford OR Photo: Greg Badger

Warden Runa

Queen City Roller Girls Buffalo NY USA

Pissy Long Stalker #303

Duke City Roller Derby Albuquerque NM Photo: Selfie

Wrecking Ball #0

Columbia Basin Roller Derby Moses Lake WA Photo: Brockman Moments

Kandi Kane #1225

Sequel  #241 Capital city skull crushers Mountain states cutthroat Mafia Geritol Mafia Boise Idaho Photo: Mel Ricketts (Shutter Thug).

Bring'em Young #12

Portneuf Valley Bruisers Pocatello, Idaho USA Photo:  Shutter Thug

Babcocked & Loaded #357

Roller Radicals Wilkes Barre, PA USA Photo: TBA

Renee McHugh #121

Carolina Rollergirls, Team NC Raleigh, NC USA Photo: Joshua R. Craig

Bionic Beaver #492

Hidden City Derby Girls Oceanside CA USA Photo: Chuck Gay

Kitty Gritty

Skater Name: Knitty Gritty Age 43 Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby & Thunderbird Roller Derby Bloomington IN USA Photo: Bob Dunnell

Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane #6gun Age 50 Wenatchee Valley Roller Derby Wenatchee WA USA Photo: Chris Ohta

Santa Claws

Queen City Roller Girls Buffalo NY USA


Nikita #28 Age 42 Twin City Derby Girls Champaign IL USA Photo: Ean Arth

Mickey Phoenix

Mickey Phoenix #0966 Age 42.5 Free Agent Beach Park IL USA Photo: Bryan Scott

Jupiter Crash

Jupiter Crash #414 Age 42 Red Rockettes Roller Derby Salt Lake City UT USA Photo: Robert Hall

The Mad Catter

The Mad Catter #345 Age 43 Med City Mafia Rochester MN USA Photo: Cat Thisius

Dee Troit Diesel

Dee Troit Diesel #94 Age 44.5 Dupage Derby Dames Chicago IL USA Photo: Steve Jurkovic Roller Derby Photography

Pogue Mahone

Pogue Mahone #26 Age 41 North Star Roller Girls Minneapolis MN USA Photo:Wijadi Jodi


Cinderellen # 1159 Age 41 Jacksonville RollerGirls Jacksonville FL USA Photo: Eric The Art Guy

Pinky Nails

Pinky Nails #1973 Age 41 CT RollerGirls Bristol CT USA Photo:Jeffrey Kerekes

Disgrace Jones

Disgrace Jones #999 Age 40 GTA Rollergirls Tontoronto, Ontario Canada Photo: Renee BiPolaroid Pellerine

Zena Zom.B

Zena Zom.B # 1331 Age 43 Assassination City Dallas Texas USA Photo:Quentin Campbell

Deviled Meg

Deviled Meg #1701 Age 49 Paper Valley Roller Girls Appleton WI USA Photo: Ryan Clausen

The Hot Flash

The Hot Flash # 50-Something Age 58 CityWide Roller Derby Citywide & Seattle Parks Dept Seattle WA USA Photo: Anne Dixon

Terrible Tues

Terrible Tues #2z Age 46 NoHo Roller Derby & San Gabriel Valley Roller Derby North Hollywood CA USA Photo: Michael Wise II

Just Jane

Just Jane #712 Age 48 Naptown Roller Girls Indianapolis, IA USA Photo: John Wijsman

Tekila Shot

Tekilla Shot #1800 Age 46 South Shore Roller Girls Hammond IN USA Photo: Steve Jurkovic

Cosmo CrakHer

Cosmo CrakHer #9 Age 45 VTown Roller Derby Hanford CA USA Photo: n/a

Zippy Totec

Zippy Totec #d20 Age 49 Humboldt Roller Derby Eureka CA USA Photo: Scrappy Scrappy Joy Joy

Shred Eye

Shred Eye #084 Age 50 Salem Men's Roller Derby Salem OR Photo: Scott Butner

Farrah Fracture

Farrah Fracture Age 42 Bleeding Heart Land Roller Derby Bloomington IA Team Brazil Photographer: Mr. Fracture


MolotovMuffin #350 Age 54 Head NSO / Skills Coach West Kentucky Rockin' Rollers Paducah KY

Train Wrecka Becca

Train Wrecka Becca #22 Age 47 Smoky Mountain Rollergirls Bryson City, NC Photo: Emily Rose

Merby Dick & Corrupted Evidence

Merby Dick Age 74 Lane County Concussions Eugene OR Corrupted Evidence Age 45 Cherry City Derby Girls Salem OR

Risky Chicky

Risky Chicky #12 Age 48 Mid Michigan Derby Girls, Mt. Morris MI

Pariah Carey

Pariah Carey # H8D1 Age 41 Brewcity Bruisers Milwaukee WI Photographer: Dave Schrader

Ping Diggity

Ping Diggity #40+ Age 42 Chemical City Derby Girls Hemlock MI Photographer: Dominique Baboa

Queen B

Derby Lite Founder Age 51


OhGee # 69 Age 45 Hazard Countly Hellions Bel Air, MD Photographer: Delta X Photography


Shanaconda Killamazoo Derby Darlins Kalamazoo MI Photographer: Jeffrey Haupt

The Guverness

The Guverness 06 The Cheyenne Capidolls Stars Cheyenne WY Photographer: Gil Cromeens

Slamador Dali

Slamador Dali #411#1963 Age: 42 Killamazoo Derby Darlins Kalamazoo MI Photographer: Denis Bilen

Bitches Bruze

Bitches Bruze 802 Southshire Roller Derby Pownal VT Photographer: N/A

Retromouse Thunder

Retromouse Thunder #1963 Age: 51 TXRD - Wreck Texas Wreckers San Antonio TX Photographer: Bernadette Mora

Taylor Park Thrash

Taylor Park Thrash #40 oz Age: 47 Desert Dolls Roller Derby Phoenix AZ Photographer:Daddy Skittles/Paul Seth March


Rehabiliskater # 0 Tolerance Maine Roller Derby Photographer:Joyce McCaslin

Wildire Sandy

Wildfire Sandy #194 Bakersfield Rollergirls Bakersfield CA Photographer:Focalwise Photography

Cattering Ram

Cattering Ram #245 GI Janes Mooresville NC Photographer: Russell Reno

Ka$h & Prizes

Ka$h & Prizes #177 Brandywine Rollergirls Downingtown PA Photographer: Down 'n' Out photography

Stunt Double

Stunt Double #25 Age 43 Chippewa Valley Roller Girls Eau Claire WI Photographer: Steve Jurkovic

Diamond SK8r

Diamond SK8r! #AF1 ICT Roller Girls Wichita KS Photographer: Jesse James

Delilah Decider

Delilah Decider #1968 Age 46 Angel City Derby Girls Los Angeles CA Photographer: Melinda Pogue

Glenn and Q.jpg

Glenn Hur & Elektra Q-Tion Ages 47 &45 NOLA Brass Men's Derby New Orleans LA Carolina RollergirlsRaleigh NC Photo Taken while skating for Team 151 North Carolina Co-Ed All Star Team Photographer: A Boy Named Tsunami AKA Louis Keiner

Momba La Bomba

Momba La Bomba Age 62 Eerie Roller Girls Eerie PA Photographer: Autumn Jells

Dee Cap-A-Skater

Dee Cap-A-Skater # 817 Rose City Rollers Portland OR Photographer: Tim Gonzales

Itza Mazin

Itza Mazin Number: >30 Age 68 Whidbey Island Rollergirls Oak Harbor WA Itza Mazin is on the floor FIRST bout at age 67. Photographer: Jeff Jackson

Snatch Monkey #69

Snatch Monkey#69 Age 44 Paradise Roller Girls Hilo Hawaii Photo: Curtis Craft and Brad Ballestetos

Cat Scratch Bleeding Heartland Roller Derby Bloomington IA.jpg

Mojo Age 43 Pair O' Dice City Rollers Wilbraham MA

Rockyn Robyn

Rockyn Robyn Age 53 Cal Skate Roller Derby Cayucos CA Robyn is delivering hip check Photo: Ballesteros Photography

Track Stabber

Track Stabber Pittsburgh East Roller Villians Hunker, PA Melary Stanko Photography

Shred Eye

Shred Eye #084 Age 50 Salem Men's Roller Derby Salem OR Photo: Scott Butner

Justice Fast

justice Fast # 5-0 Southern Belles Roller Derby Newport, Michigan Photo: Dominique Anthony Babao.

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