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derby over 40 apparrel

Derby over 40 Australia

Derby Over 40-Australia

Nurse Megahurtz

Nurse Megahurtz #000 HARD Sydney Australia Photo: The Snapz

Carnal Pleasure #217

Carnal Pleasure # 217 Northern Brisbane Rollers Brisbane Australia Photo: Richard Tompsett

Pension Check

Pension Check# 1878 Varsity Derby League Canberra Australia Team: Capital Carnage Photo: Canned Sunshine,

Chopsy Zarsoff #420

Formerly/aka; “Block’em Danno” #50 (The) Guild of Roller Derby- GORD Ipswich Queensland Australia. Photo: Richard Tompsett

Lightning SK8

Lightning SKH*A*R*D Hawkesbury Hills Area 1 Sydney, NSW Australia

Senior Psycho

Senior Psycho #7 Tableland Roller Derby Atherton Australia Photo: Charlotte's Photography Charlotte Hellings


SFIN-A-KI #B52 Convict City Rollers Hobart Tasmania Australia Liam Mitchell Photography

Heidi Hoe

Heidi Hoe # 8 Age: 41 Cairns Derby Dolls Cairns, Queensland Australia Photo: Charlotte's Charlotte Hellings


CrayZee #812 Age 44 (November 2014) Tableland Roller Derby Atherton State QLD Country Australia Photographer: Rod Noendeng

Sharon Tinkers Tossed

Sharon Tinkers Tossed Orange Roller Derby Orange Bathurst NSW Australia Photo: Jude Keogh

Stitch This #50

Central Coast Roller Derby  United Australia Photo: Dominique Fox

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